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The changing face of psychology

Important changes are underway in psychology. Transparency, reliability, and adherence to scientific methods are the key words for 2014, says a recent article in The Guardian.

A growing number of psychologists – particularly the younger generation – are fed up with results that don’t replicate, journals that value story-telling over truth, and an academic culture in which researchers treat data as their personal property. Psychologists are realising that major scientific advances will require us to stamp out malpractice, face our own weaknesses, and overcome the ego-driven ideals that maintain the status quo.

The article outlines five key trends to expect this year:

  1. Wider acceptance for replications
  2. A growing open access movement
  3. More data sharing
  4. Larger samples and more statistical power
  5. Less “p-hacking” and more pre-registrations

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