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Pre-analysis Plans and Study Registration in Social Science Research

Date: December 7, 2012

Location: University of California, Berkeley


This one-day meeting brought together a select group of researchers from across disciplines – including Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Statistics – to discuss the use of pre-analysis plans and study registries. The goal of the meeting was to understand the promise, as well as limitations, of recent developments in this area across different social science disciplines, and discuss possible ways forward.



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List of Participants

Jeremy Weinstein (Stanford University), Edward Miguel (UC Berkeley), Aprajit Mahajan (Stanford University & UC Los Angeles), Katherine Casey (Stanford University), Kevin Esterling (UC Riverside), Kate Casey (Stanford), Ben Olken (MIT), Maya Petersen (UC Berkeley), Mark van der Laan (UC Berkeley), Bryan Graham (UC Berkeley), David Laitin (Stanford), Don Green (Columbia), Brian Nosek (University of Virginia), Leif Nelson (UC Berkeley), Gabe Lenz (UC Berkeley), Carson Christiano (UC Berkeley), Angeli Kirk (UC Berkeley), Jas Sekhon (UC Berkeley), Josh Cohen (Stanford; Apple), Joan Hicks (UC Berkeley), Elizabeth Bailey (UC Berkeley), Catherine Wolfram (UC Berkeley), Alan Gerber (Yale), Stuart Buck (Arnold Foundation), Lauren Falcao (UC Berkeley), Cari Tuna (Goodventures), Sibo Lu (Sloan Foundation), Colin Camerer (CalTech), David Broockman (UC Berkeley), Pierre Bachas (UC Berkeley), Simon Galle (UC Berkeley)