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Promoting Transparency in Social Science Research:
Innovation, Collaboration, Impact

Date: December 12-13, 2013

Location: 100 Blum Hall, UC Berkeley, CA


This year’s convening featured presentations of several recent and promising efforts to increase transparency in economics, political science, psychology, and biostatistics. During this day and a half, a packed room of academics, funders, and journal editors discussed different strategies to increase the coordination among transparency initiatives, promote knowledge-sharing and innovation, and foster the adoption of effective transparency tools by the research community.

The conference was hosted by the Center for Effective Global Action, and supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and the Center for Open Science.



  • Open Science Framework (OSF): Presentation and Training
    Johanna Cohoon & Andrew Sallans (Center for Open Science)


  • Introduction to BITSS and Review of Progress across Fields over the Past Year
    Ted Miguel (UC Berkeley, CEGA – Economics)
  • Disclosure and Pre-specification
    Maya Petersen (UC Berkeley – Biostatistics)*
    Rachel Glennerster (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, J-PAL – Economics)
    Alan Hubbard (UC Berkeley – Biostatistics)
    Thad Dunning (UC Berkeley – Political Science)
  • Open Data and Protection of Research Subjects
    Brian Nosek (University of Virginia, Center for Open Science – Psychology)*
    George Alter (University of Michigan, ICPSR – Social Sciences)
    Greg Tananbaum (ScholarNext Consulting – Academic Consulting)
    Merce Crosas (Harvard University, IQSS – Data Science)
  • Replication
    Stephanie Wykstra (Independent – Academic Consulting)*
    Allan Dafoe (Yale University – Political Science)
    Uri Simonsohn (University of Pennsylvania – Psychology)
    Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton University – Political Science)
  • Changing Behaviors, Norms, and Institutions
    Cathryn Carson (UC Berkeley, D-Lab – Social Sciences)*
    Brian Nosek (University of Virginia, Center for Open Science – Psychology)
    Colin Elman (Syracuse University – Political Science)
    Donald Green (Columbia University – Political Science)
    Dan Morgan (Elsevier – Academic Publishing)
  • Perspectives from Funders
    Ruth Levine (William and Flora Hewlett Foundation)*
    Stuart Buck (Laura and John Arnold Foundation)
    Nancy Lutz (National Science Foundation)
    Josh Greenberg (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation)
  • Action-oriented Closing Session: Discussion of Unresolved Issues and the Way Forward
    Ted Miguel (UC Berkeley, CEGA – Economics)


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List of participants

Alan Hubbard (UC Berkeley), Alex Eble (Brown University), Alexander Berger (GiveWell), Alice Moon (UC Berkeley), Allan Dafoe (Yale University), Andrew Moravcsik (Princeton University), Andrew Sallans (Center for Open Science), Aprajit Mahajan (Stanford University/UC Los Angeles), Berk Ozler (University of Otago/World Bank), Brian Nosek (Center for Open Science/University of Virginia), Bronwyn Hall (UC Berkeley), Carson Christiano (UC Berkeley, CEGA), Cathryn Carson (UC Berkeley), Christopher Levenick (John Templeton Foundation), Colin Elman (Syracuse University), Dan Morgan (Elsevier), Dav Clark (UC Berkeley, D-Lab), David Broockman (UC Berkeley), David Laitin (Stanford University), Don Green (Columbia University), Eva Vivalt (New York University/AidGrade), Gautam Rao (UC Berkeley), George Alter (University of Michigan, ICPSR), Greg Tananbaum (ScholarNext Consulting), Guillaume Kroll (UC Berkeley, CEGA), Hannah Perfecto (UC Berkeley), Harrison Diamond Pollock (Innovations for Poverty Action), Jenna Johnson-Hanks (UC Berkeley), Johanna Cohoon (Center for Open Science), Jon Stiles (UC Berkeley, D-Lab), Josh Greenberg (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation), Joshua Cohen (Stanford University/Apple), Katherine Casey (Stanford Graduate School of Business), Kelly Zhang (Stanford University), Kevin Esterling (UC Riverside), Kristen Stelljes (The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation), Leif Nelson (UC Berkeley), Mark Parsons (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Mark van der Laan (UC Berkeley), Marshall Burke (UC Berkeley), Matthew Rabin (UC Berkeley), Maya Petersen (UC Berkeley), Mercè Crosas (Harvard University, IQSS), Minah Jung (UC Berkeley), Nancy Lutz (National Science Foundation), Niall Keleher (Innovations for Poverty Action), Ori Heffetz (Cornell University/NBER), Trisha Cruse (UC Curation Center, California Digital Library), Pranab Bardhan (UC Berkeley), Rachel Glennerster (MIT/J-PAL), Richard Sedlmayr (Independent), Ruth Levine (The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation), Sarah Baird (University of Otago/George Washington University), Scott Desposato (UC San Diego), Seema Jayachandran (Northwestern University), Sibo Lu (UC Berkeley), Stephanie Wykstra (Independent), Stuart Buck (Laura and John Arnold Foundation), Ted Miguel (UC Berkeley), Temina Madon (UC Berkeley), Thad Dunning (UC Berkeley), Uri Simonsohn (University of Pennsylvania), Velichka Dimitrova (Open Knowledge Foundation), Willa Friedman (Center for Global Development)

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