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Registered Reports to the Rescue?

After writing an article for The Upshot, Brendan Nyhan (Assistant Professor at Dartmouth) was interviewed by The Washington Post.

The original Upshot article advocates for a new publishing structure called Registered Reports (RRs):

A research publishing format in which protocols and analysis plans are peer reviewed and registered prior to data collection, then published regardless of the outcome.

In the following interview with the Washington Post, Nyhan explains in greater detail why RRs are more effective than other tools at preventing publication bias and data mining. He begins by explaining the limitations of preregistration.

As I argued in a white paper, […] it is still too easy for publication bias to creep in to decisions by authors to submit papers to journals as well as evaluations by reviewers and editors after results are known. We’ve seen this problem with clinical trials, where selective and inaccurate reporting persists even though preregistration is mandatory.


Political Scientists Launch New Replication Initiative

Following a groundswell of interest for replications in the political sciences, first noticed from survey results posted on the Monkey Cage Blog, Political Scientists Seth Werfel (Stanford University) and Nicole Janz (Cambridge University), and research consultant Stephanie Wykstra launched the Political Science Replication Initiative, a new repository for uploading study replications.

Increasingly, methodological political scientists have recognized the need to reexamine empirical studies. The survey results clearly indicated a growing trend towards assigning replications to graduate students in research methods classes. Political scientists hope the growing number of publicly available replications will ensure the validity of original work and act as a safeguard against human error in research.


Trying out the new Trial Registries

Reblogged from World Bank’s David McKenzie:

Both the American Economic Association and 3ie have launched Impact Evaluation Trial Registries […] I recently tried out both registries by registering a couple of studies I have underway, so thought I’d share some feedback on the process for those of you wondering whether/how to register.

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New Registry for Impact Evaluations in International Development

The 3ie Registry for International Development Impact Evaluations (RIDIE) is a registry of impact evaluations related to development in low and middle income countries. The purpose of the registry is to enhance the transparency and quality of evaluation research as well as to provide a repository of impact evaluation studies for researchers, funders, and others.

RIDIE will register any development impact evaluation that rigorously attempts to estimate the causal impacts of a program, including but not limited to randomized control trials. It is intended to be a prospective registry in which researchers and evaluators can record information about their evaluation designs before conducting the analysis, as well as update information as the study proceeds and post findings upon study completion.