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Transparency Practices for Empirical Social Science Research

June 2-6, 2014
University of California, Berkeley
Workshop Agenda

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Over the past years, an inspiring number of bottom-up innovations across social science disciplines have sought to advance the reliability, reproducibility, and validity of empirical social studies, realigning scholarly incentives with scholarly values. Examples include systematic disclosure of methods and results, registration and pre-analysis plans, and open data and materials. Meanwhile, multiple organizations have been developing tools to make it easier to archive and share research design, plans and data.

This workshop seeks to inform participants about the latest trends in the shift towards increased transparency, providing an overview of the different tools and techniques that are available and appropriate for social science research. The curriculum has been designed for anyone interested in learning more about best practices for empirical research in economics, political science, psychology or any other social science discipline.

Teaching Material & Resources
2014 Cohort

A group of 32 graduate students and junior faculty attended the BITSS 2014 Summer Institute – representing a total of 13 academic institutions in the US, six overseas, and four research non-profits.

The 2014 Cohort of the BITSS Institute

The 2014 Cohort of the BITSS Institute